The Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is the main component of our body. Water helps keep the body well hydrated, which is essential because most of the cell in the body needs water to function properly. Body is composed of between 55 and 78 percent water, depending on body size. Enough and regular water consumption has numerous health benefits. As an added plus, it has no calories, fat or carbohydrates. The amount of water you drink daily plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts suggest drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to maintain good health. In this Article, We share The Benefits of Drinking Water, which is very important for your body.


The Benefits of Drinking Water include the following:


1. Regulates Body Temperature

Sufficient amount of water in the body aids to regulate body temperature. The thermal properties of water and its ability to release heat from body when sweat evaporates from the surface of the skin greatly helps maintain body temperature. Well-regulated body temperature will make feel more energetic when exercising. Water helps keep your joints and muscles lubricated, thus preventing sprains and cramps.


2. Promotes Healthy Skin

Water keeps the body well hydrated and enhance capillary blood flow, which promotes younger-looking and healthier skin. Water helps moisturizes skin, replenish skin tissues and increases elasticity in your skin. When body gets enough water, skin will feel moisturized and it will look soft, fresh, glowing and smooth. Also, water helps prevent and treat scars, acne, soft lines, wrinkles and other aging symptoms.


3. Relieves Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration. If you often feel tired, there is a great chance that it could be due to inadequate consumption of water which makes the body function less efficiently. When there is little water in the body, there is a drop of blood volume which causes the heart to work harder to supply of oxygenated blood out in the bloodstream, and other major organs also work less efficiently. Thus, drinking adequate water can aid your body function better and reduce fatigue.


4. Natural migraines and Headache Remedy

If you have a migraine or headache, the first thing that you can do to get some relief is drink plenty of water. Water helps to relieve and prevent migraines and headaches. Migraines and Headaches are often caused by dehydration.


5. Flushes out Toxins

Water is a superb detoxifier as it helps flush out toxins from body and get rid of waste primarily through sweat and urine. It promotes kidney function and minimize kidney stones by diluting the minerals and salts in urine that cause kidney stones


6. Helps Weight Loss

In a scientific trial, scientists found that drinking two eight-ounce glasses of water prior to meals can aid suppress appetite and hence support your weight loss efforts. When you drink water, it fills stomach and reduces the tendency to eat more.


7. Helps in Digestion and Constipation

Water enhance the functioning of the (GIT) gastrointestinal tract. This helps in digestion and prevents constipation. Insufficient water in our body often results in constipation as the colon pulls water from the stools to keep up hydration, thereby making them harder and hard to pass. Drinking sufficient water boosts your metabolism and helps the body duly break down food. This aids your digestive system work well and promotes regular bowel movements. Warm water is good for digestive health.


8. Beats Bad Breath

Bad breath is a clear sign that you may not be drinking enough water. It keeps your mouth moist and cleanup food particles and bacteria. It also dilutes the malodors compounds that oral bacteria create.


9. Water Helps Prevent Hangovers

A hangover refers to the unpleasant symptoms experienced after drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic which makes you lose more water than you take in. This can lead to dehydration. Although dehydration is not the key cause of hangovers, it can cause symptoms like thirst, fatigue, headache and dry mouth.


10. Treat Kidney Stones

Urinary stones are stinging clumps of mineral crystal that form in the urinary system. The common form is kidney stones, which form in kidneys. There is limited evidence that water intake can aid prevent recurrence in people who have before gotten kidney stones. Higher fluid intake increases the volume of urine moving through kidneys, which dilutes concentration of minerals, so they are less likely to crystallize and form clumps. Water may help prevent initial formation of stones, but research are required to confirm this.


11. Boosts Immune System

Water drinker is less likely to get sick. Drinking enough water helps fight against cancer, flu and other ailments like heart attacks.


12. Prevents Sprains and Cramps

Proper hydration aids keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic. So joint pain is less likely.


13. Maintains Regularity

Helps in digestion as water is vital to digest your food and prevents constipation.

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