Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves

Clove is the dried bud of the flower from the tree Syzygium aromaticum. It belongs to the plant family named Myrtaceae. The plant is an evergreen plant growing in tropical and subtropical conditions. People use various parts of the clove plant, including the stems, dried bud, and leaves to make medicine. Clove oil is famous for its medicinal properties. Clove has been used for thousands of years in China and India, not only as a condiment and spice but also as a medicine for different ailments. Ayurvedic use cloves for halitosis, tooth decay and bad breath. In Chinese medicine, clove was considered to possess aphrodisiac properties. Cloves offer a lot of health benefits. Include providing aid in digestion, fighting against cancer, having antimicrobial properties, protecting the liver, controlling diabetes, preserving bone quality, , and containing anti-mutagenic properties, as well as fighting against headaches and oral diseases, while displaying aphrodisiac properties as well. Cloves are popular flavoring agents used in a variety of ways in different countries across the world, particularly in Asia. Cloves from the culinary base in a number of different Asian cuisines. In this post, We share, Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves, which is really important and improves your lifestyle.


Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves include the following:


1. For Oral Diseases

For Oral Diseases

Cloves can be taken for gum diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis. Clove extracts particularly controlled growth of oral pathogens, which are responsible for oral diseases. Cloves can be used for toothaches for their pain-killer properties.


2. Soothes Toothaches

Soothes Toothaches

For toothaches, one effective natural treatment is cloves. Their analgesic and anti-inflammatory components will aid reduce swelling around an infected tooth and relieve pain. Their antiseptic property will aid fight the infection in affected area and prevent it from spreading.


3. For Bad Breath

For Bad Breath

The cloves are very helpful in getting rid of bad breath. Cloves can kill bacteria in the mouth. They aids to clean bacteria and decaying matter from the tongue and oral surface. Their strong aromatic qualities aid combat foul bad breath.


4. Boosts the Immune System

Boosts the Immune System

Ayurveda describes particular plants to be effective in protecting and developing the immune system. Such as clove plant. The dried flower bud of clove take on compounds that improving immune system by growing the (WBC) white blood cell count, thereby make better delayed type hypersensitivity.


5. Relieves Joint Pain

Relieves Joint Pain

For its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, clove oil can reduce alleviate joint pain, inflammation, arthritis pain and muscle aches. Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids iron and calcium, clove oil improves the strength of your bones and joints.


6. Bone Preservation

Bone Preservation

Cloves Hydro-alcoholic extracts include phenolic compounds such as eugenol and its derivatives, such as isoflavones, flavonoids and flavones. These extracts have been especially helpful in preserving bone density and mineral content of bone, as well as growing tensile strength of bones in cases of osteoporosis.


7. Diabetes Control

Diabetes Control

Cloves have been used a lot of traditional remedies for a lot of diseases. Such as diabetes. In patients, who are suffering from diabetes, the amount of insulin is not produced at all or insulin produced by the body is not sufficient. Studies have expressed that extracts from cloves imitate insulin in certain ways and aid in controlling blood sugar levels.


8. Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory Conditions

Clove has been found to be useful for respiratory system due to their antibacterial, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Clove can be used to treat the stuffy nose, common cold, viral infections, sore throat, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis and different sinus conditions. Moreover, this spice may also act as a vital chemoprotective agent for lung cancer.


9. Liver Protection

Liver Protection

Cloves have high amounts of antioxidants, which are excellent for protecting the organs from effects of free radicals, especially in the liver.


10. Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting

Cloves can relieve nausea due to their aromatic properties. Cloves can even be used to treat pregnancy-related morning sickness and nausea.


11. Antibacterial Properties

Antibacterial Properties

Cloves have been tested for their antibacterial characteristics against a number of human pathogens. The extracts of cloves were powerful enough to kill those pathogens. Clove extracts are effective against specific bacteria that spreads cholera.


12. Anti-carcinogenic properties

Anti-carcinogenic properties

Apart from lot of properties that the little spice boasts of, one of the most valuable health benefits of cloves is due to its chemo-preventive and anti-carcinogenic properties. Cloves have been tested for anti-carcinogenic properties and it was revealed that cloves can help in controlling lung cancer in early stages.


13. Better Digestion

Better Digestion

Cloves enhance digestion by stimulating secretion of digestive enzymes. Cloves are good for reducing gastric irritability, dyspepsia, flatulence and nausea. Cloves can be powdered, roasted and taken with honey for relief in digestive disorders.


Selection and storage:

Clove buds are available year round in the spice markets. Excellent quality buds should release sweet fragrance when squeezed between thumb and index fingers. Whole cloves should be stored in a cool and dark place in tight containers for many months. Powder clove should be stored in the refrigerator in airtight containers. Cloves should be used as early as possible since it loses its flavor quickly.


Enjoy, The Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves

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