13 Surprising Benefits of Blackberries

Blackberries are sweet and juicy which are more than just a tasty food. They are full of nutrients and phytochemicals that can improve the human health. Blackberries contain vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. It also holds calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc. Blackberries are also a proper source of amino acids, antioxidants and essential dietary fiber without offering any harmful cholesterol. And those properties are highly beneficial for maintaining good health. In order to take benefit of this fruit, you should check out these health benefits of blackberries that are introduced below.


13 Surprising Benefits of Blackberries include the following:


1. Full of antioxidants

Blackberries contain a lot of helpful antioxidants that can protect the human body in different ways. It is full of phenolic acids, flavonoids and flavonols especially anthocyanosides which present in blackberries work against the harmful oxygen free molecules and prevent their action meaning they act as a natural detox for the body. It can defend the body from a variety of diseases caused by oxidative damage that might be the basic cause of a lot of fatal conditions.


2. Boost immunity system

Blackberries can be effective in improving the immunity of the body. It contains vitamins and minerals and phytoestrogens which help to improve immunity. Regular consumption of blackberries can battle a lot of pathogens and defend the body from infections as well as other fatal diseases.


3. Reduce the risk of cancer

Blackberries reduce the risk of cancer. It is effective in defeating the building of cancer such as lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and colon cancer. This fruit is rich anthocyanin. These anthocyanins may the ability to fight cancer. They can perform as antioxidants, fighting off genetic mutations and cancer-causing tissue damage. They also have the ability to put down the cancer cell growth. Anthocyanins can be beneficial in protecting the human skin from damage caused by over-exposure to UV rays. The UV rays play a main role in developing skin cancer. So anthocyanins may provide some defense against skin cancer. Blackberries also reduce the risk of breast cancer.  Estrogen hormone build breast cancer cells in women’s body. Blackberries decrease estrogen hormone. Blackberries contain an acid called ellagic which works to reduce the formation of breast cancer cells.


4. Beneficial for heart health

Blackberries hold flavonols element, thus it considered as heart healthy fruit. It also contains other beneficial components, like fiber and magnesium. Blackberry inhibit the arteries from being blocked and boosts the smooth flow of the blood. This will reduce the potential risk of heart diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, and maintains heart health. Furthermore magnesium content in blackberries can assist people in maintaining their blood pressure levels and obstruct cardiac arrhythmia as well as irregular contraction.


5. Maintaining weight

Blackberries have a less amount of sugar, thus it can help people in managing their weight. Blackberries have fiber content and very few amounts of calories. And this can be effective in cleaning the bowels as well as weight management.


6. Bone health

Blackberries contain minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are essential for maintaining healthy bones. Calcium can strengthen the bones and magnesium simplify the absorption of potassium and calcium in the body. Phosphorus mineral found in blackberries help the regulation of calcium and supports in forming strong bones, and also plays a vital role in maintaining appropriate cellular functioning.


7. Healthy for eyes

Blackberry is beneficial for maintaining healthy eyes. Regular consumption of blackberries supports in protecting the eyes from ultra-violet radiations assigning to the presence of lutein. Lutein forms defensive pigment in the area behind the retina, also known as macula and obstruct it from the damage caused by oxidative stress and high wavelength light radiations. Besides, anthocyanosides and vitamin content existent in blackberries enhances the vision and protect the eyes from different diseases such as macular degeneration, cataract and night blindness.


8. Beneficial In Pregnancy

Blackberries are beneficial for the pregnant woman. It contains a high amount of natural folate, which contributes in developing the tissues and cells. It also decreases birth defect risks in the babies. Furthermore, folate is a necessary nutrient required for good cellular functioning for people at all ages. Vitamin C plus with other antioxidants can aid the power of disease-fighting of the expectant mother. In other words, the presence of minerals like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium in blackberries will strengthen the bone and help in keeping the pregnant women healthy.


9. Improved Oral Health

Blackberries killed illness causing oral bacteria. Blackberries hold Gallic acid, rutin, and ellagic acid, a natural phenol antioxidant those are beneficial for oral health. Blackberry extract affected anti-bacterial element on the periodontal health. Blackberry killed pathogens, and the anti-inflammatory, plus anti-viral element can prevent and cure periodontal infections.


10. Diabetes

Blackberries contain potassium. The potassium content helps reduce insulin. It also holds fiber, which helps to balance blood sugar.  Daily consumption of blackberries helps maintain diabetes. Blackberry leaves also can be consumed for their anti-diabetic element.


11. Improve Digestive Health

Blackberries contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Those fibers are necessary for the optimum function of digestive health. The insoluble fiber in this fruit can impel better and easy absorption of water in your large bowel and contributes bulk to your stools. Thus you will be able to promote bowel movements, get rid of constipation and boost digestion health.


12. Beneficial for hair

Blackberries contain antioxidants. The antioxidants are proven to be beneficial for the hair. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant which is mostly responsible for healthy collagen, making hair healthy. The blackberry fruit extract has an antioxidant element which can combat the damaging and harmful effects of the surroundings along the hair, thus preventing hair problems.


13. Skin care

Blackberry can help you for maintaining beautiful skin. It is bundled with multiple nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E and other potent antioxidants. Vitamin E, present in blackberry helps in preserving the health of skin fats and prevents the skin from wrinkles. Aside from protecting the skin from oxidative damage, vitamin C present in blackberry is also responsible for the establishment and strengthening of collagen structure which is the foundation of connective tissue and assists in maintaining the skin toned and tightened. Blackberries include antioxidants such as polyphenols and anthocyanosides in abundance that can assist in defeating free radical damage and negative sun effects. It also serves to prevent acne and beneficial for greasy skin.


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